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Stainless steel sink

Advantages 1. Reasonable use of space: conventional home kitchen decoration, sink, faucet, water supply and drainage pipeline, garbage disposer and its pipeline, water purifier and its pipeline are all placed by the installation staff, water and electricity are mixed, and it is not safe. Two are not beautiful, three are unreasonable. Stainless steel sinks provide a better solution through scientific and rational design, unified installation standards, and standardized production.

Advantages 2. Functional integration: A product has the functions of multiple products. It can not only switch back and forth frequently in the kitchen, but also the price of a product at the time of purchase is much lower than the sum of the prices of multiple products. Through the integration of product functions, the product distribution channel and the integration of customer procurement channels are realized, which saves social resources.

Advantages 3, convenient after-sales service: purchase a variety of products through different channels and businesses, the cost of after-sales is also high, different products need to find different businesses, businesses do not cooperate with each other, push each other, bring indirect cost to the user , stainless steel sink single channel, any one component has a problem can only be solved by looking for a business, convenient and worry-free.

Advantages four, fashionable and comfortable: the careful design and production of stainless steel sink manufacturers have changed the past. In order to decorate the “running east and west”, everything needs to be calculated by users. The styles of different products are also different. With a foreign gun, the stainless steel sink leads the fashion trend of the kitchen decoration through the overall design, comprehensive layout and classic style.

Advantages 5, full-featured, stainless steel sink can not only complete the cleaning function of ordinary stainless steel sink, but also provide direct drinking water and garbage disposal. Food waste does not need to be sprinkled all the way to the door, and is directly discharged from the drain. It saves environmental protection and is convenient. In winter, it does not need to use the cold water to clean. The kitchen treasure provides 24-hour hot water for washing and washing.

Advantages 6. Double design, exquisite craftsmanship, easy and convenient operation: stainless steel sink back panel integral connection, double-layer flanging, reinforced structure, stronger strength, more bearing, no seaming process, completely solve the hanging drip of tableware, against the wall The surface is easy to accumulate dirt, and the water seepage between the back side of the countertop and the wall surface. The hanger on the stainless steel sink backsplash is made of aviation aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant, beautiful and durable. It is used interchangeably with the stainless steel sink to form a three-dimensional three-dimensional space, which extends the function of the sink. The family food kitchen table is user-friendly, easy to operate, not only can hang a variety of tableware and cutting board, but also can be placed on the upper side of various seasoning bottles, with the side of the integrated stove, cooking can be easily cooked.

Stainless steel sink
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