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Stainless steel sink opening method Stainless steel sink installation precautions

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    Stainless steel sink opening method Stainless steel sink installation precautions
    Issue Time:2019-10-10
    Stainless steel sinks are one of the more practical devices used in the kitchen. Most of the activities in the kitchen require dealing with the sink, such as washing vegetables, cleaning dishes, and so on. The suitability of the stainless steel sink size directly affects normal use. Let's take a look at the knowledge of the opening of the stainless steel sink with the small series.

    First, stainless steel sink opening method
    First confirm the size of the sink and the size of the hole to be dig. After confirming the installation position of the sink, mark the opening line and punch the hole with the hole opener. The number of holes needs to be combined with the tightness of the basin. Then, according to the edge of the hole, the corresponding edge shape is milled according to the drawing, and the glass glue is punched under the hole, and then the water basin is placed after the hole is placed, and then the rubber is used for reinforcement. When installing the water tank, it is necessary to distinguish the front and back sides of the table top. If the water tank is installed on the table top, the punching position should be replaced.

    Second, stainless steel sink installation precautions
    1, before installation
    First open the package, take out the tank and drain components, and check that the sink accessories are complete. Then, according to the opening method described above, the hole is opened, and it is also necessary to check whether the muffler block is degummed, and if it is degummed, it should be attached in time. Look at the seals on both sides of the adapter tube for missing, misaligned, damaged, etc., to avoid leakage after installation.

    Second, when installing
    In order to prevent accidental damage to the surface of the faucet when installing the angle valve, it is recommended to put the angle valve on the plastic bag cover and then operate it. When connecting the hot and cold water pipes, the way is to connect the hot water pipe to the left end and the cold water pipe to the right end. During the installation process, pay attention to the tightening force. If the force is too large, it will easily damage the thread, causing the screw to loosen. If it is too small, it may cause water leakage due to insufficient sealing. Therefore, after the sink is installed, be sure to carefully check the seal of the overflow hole and the filter basket.
    Third, after installation
    Always remember to test the water when the sink is installed. First, open the water seal cover of the water purifier, then raise the drain hose to keep it consistent with the sink mouth, then fill the sink with water to ensure that the drain is filled with water, wait for 3-5 minutes or so. Check for leaks at each joint. If it is found that there is water seepage, immediately rework and re-glue.

    The conclusion of the article: The stainless steel sink opening method and installation precautions are introduced here, I hope to help everyone. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the Qijia network information platform, followed by more exciting content for everyone.
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