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Kitchen sink installation method and process

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    Kitchen sink installation method and process
    Issue Time:2019-10-09
    Kitchen sink installation method - Taichung basin

     The Taichung basin is to polish the countertop to a layer, and then make the sink and the countertop a platform. This type of kitchen sink, but because the thickness of the countertop itself is certain, it is generally thicker. Such a Taichung basin is generally more difficult to install. If the encounter is a marble countertop, such a Taichung basin will be more troublesome to install, but the Taichung basin will make the kitchen cleaner and the decoration effect is very good, but few families will choose this Taichung basin to install.

     Kitchen sink installation method - above counter basin

     The above counter basin is the most commonly used sink installation method, because the above counter basin can be made by using special clamps (or hooks) and sealing strips. It is very convenient, even if it is broken, it is easy to replace the entire sink. And it is not necessary to glue, and generally it is not glued, because if the glue is used for a long time, there will be black edges at the joint, it will be difficult to see. Therefore, although this type of sink is common in ordinary households, there are also many disadvantages that cannot be avoided.

     Kitchen sink installation - installation of different countertops

     Is it difficult to install the kitchen sink? Many people here will find it difficult to answer. In fact, it is difficult to install the kitchen sink or not. Usually, the countertops of the cabinets are made of stainless steel or quartz. The installation of the cabinet basin made of these two materials is different. If you choose stainless steel to make the countertop, it is very simple when installing the kitchen sink. When the stainless steel countertop is used to make the kitchen sink, you can take the stainless steel basin to the manufacturer, let them help us to weld the stainless steel countertop and the stainless steel basin together. Just be together. If we choose quartz countertops, the kitchen sink installation is a bit more complicated.

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