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What is the way to install the kitchen sink?

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    What is the way to install the kitchen sink?
    Issue Time:2019-10-09
    The kitchen sink, also known as the kitchen sink, is a very important part of the kitchen. The kitchen sink makes your kitchen clean and tidy, keeping the kitchen clean and the kitchen sink. According to the material, the kitchen sink is divided into stainless steel, ceramic, artificial stone, cast iron enamel, etc. According to the style, it is divided into single basin, double basin, double basin and double basin. I bought the kitchen sink. In order to make it more practical, we need to install the kitchen sink properly, so as to ensure the kitchen sink in daily life has better practicability. So, let's take a look at how the kitchen sink is installed!

     What kind of kitchenware is the most frequently used and the longest in the kitchen? Washing vegetables, washing dishes... almost 60-70% of the time in the kitchen will deal with the sink. Its quality is critical and directly related to the daily life of the family. But if you choose a good sink, you need to install it in the right way to get the sink to achieve the desired effect. Today we will come together to find out how to install the kitchen sink. Friends who want to install the kitchen sink should never missed.

     Kitchen sink installation method - under counter basin

     Because the kitchen sinks are designed according to different styles, they are divided into three types: the under counter basin, the above counter basin and the Taichung basin. The installation methods of the three kitchen sinks are different. Therefore, let us first understand how to install the lower basin of the kitchen. . The only advantage of the under counter basin is that it is easy to wipe the water stain on the countertop into the sink. This is good for kitchen cleaning, but because of the shape of the under counter basin, the method of installing the under counter basin is relatively fixed. If you want to overhaul in the back basin, it will be more difficult. If the water in the sink is broken, or if you need to replace the sink, you need to scrap the table together. In addition, the under-counter basin will be glued when it is installed. The adhesive contains a lot of harmful substances, which is very harmful to the human body. After a long time, it may fall off.

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