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How to choose the kitchen stainless steel sink?

How to choose the kitchen stainless steel sink?
Issue Time:2019-09-24
How to choose the kitchen sink?
Stainless steel sink is the first material nowadays. Although there are many types of stainless steel sinks, stainless steel sinks are still the most popular. Sinks are often the most overlooked in kitchen durable goods. There is a famous saying: look at the living room and know the owner. The career achievement; looking at the kitchen, I know the quality of life of the owner. So what brand of stainless steel sink is good, what are the purchasing points of stainless steel sink? Stainless steel sink selection points
Stainless steel sink
1. Look at the brand. The sink should choose a large manufacturer, after all, the quality of the brand's sink can be guaranteed. These brands of sinks have their own characteristics, such as some high configuration, some focus on functional types, etc., you can buy according to your needs.
Stainless steel sink
2. Size. When the countertop is made, the factor of the sink should also be considered. When we buy the sink, we must measure the size with the designer to ensure that it will not buy big or buy small, but the general size is about 760mm long, 450mm wide, and the depth is between 190-210mm, except for small single slot. .
3. Appreciate the appearance. The sinks are various in form, some are beautiful and generous, and some are domineering. We have to be based on our own

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