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Kitchen stainless steel sink installation precautions

Kitchen stainless steel sink installation precautions
Issue Time:2019-08-30
The kitchen sink installation, I believe that every family will pay special attention, because the role of the sink in the kitchen is very large, washing vegetables, washing hands, washing dishes are indispensable, so the installation problem is the most basic problem. But even though, there are still many friends who are unfamiliar with the installation of the sink, and there are also special technicians to install them, so I don’t worry about it, but I feel that I still need to know some things in case some installations appear later. We can solve the problem ourselves. So let me take a look at the most common stainless steel sink installation method!
Stainless steel sink installation process
Stainless steel sink
Sink installation precautions
1, the sink in the kitchen decoration final device
The device of the sink should be left in the final decoration of the kitchen. The device of the sink is not a big project. The things prepared for the sink are prepared in advance and installed. After the sink is ordered, the device workers can be directly installed.
2. The water pipe must be drained when the device is installed.
It is necessary to drain the water from the water pipe before the water tank is installed. If the water is not drained from the water pipe, the water will leak and rust in the future.
3, the faucet device is necessary to be strong
This is very worthy of attention. When installing the water tank, pay attention to the solidity of the joint, as well as the position of the hot and cold water pipes. If the device is not strong, it will cause a gap near the sink, resulting in water leakage.
Stainless steel sink
4, the device needs to be cleaned after cleaning
After the installation is completed, it is necessary to clean the sink and clean the debris of the device. Garbage and cream stains are finely polluted and do not need to be cleaned with harsh detergents; the visible stains in daily sinks are cleaned with warm water, washing liquid and soft cloth; foods that simply contaminate the sink such as coffee, tea, juice, etc. Wash immediately with water or detergent to prevent alkaline deposits from remaining in the sink.

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