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How to clean the kitchen sink? Kitchen sink cleaning method

How to clean the kitchen sink? Kitchen sink cleaning method
Issue Time:2019-08-28
The cleaning of the daily cooking area is indispensable to the assistance of the sink. It can be seen that its status is critical, and as one of the core tools in the whole area, it is also used frequently in ordinary times. For example, washing dishes and bowls are inseparable. It, so the convenience brought by choosing a suitable kitchen sink is self-evident, and once the sink is "dust settled", it is difficult to go, so whether it is purchase or installation is extremely important, below me I would like to give you a very simple explanation of the purchase skills of the kitchen sink, I hope to provide some help.
Kitchen sink
Kitchen sink selection tips
1, free choice of materials - stainless steel
The wear resistance of ceramics is not as good as that of stainless steel. It will often appear scratched for a long time, while other texture products have similar problems with oil resistance and dirt resistance. Therefore, when selecting the water tank, it is better for stainless steel. In addition, because the manual sink has the risk of opening welding, and the straight edge improves the difficulty of cleaning, it is best to use the mechanism sink in the kitchen sink.
2, free choice of modeling - single slot
Because the double groove improves the difficulty of cleaning, and also increases the maintenance risk to a certain extent, Xiaobian recommends that the kitchen sink should use a single slot in the shape, which is more convenient when used. If it is a large table, it can be used as a large one. The single groove has an inner diameter of 70cm and a width of 32cm. For the small table, a small single groove with an inner diameter of 50cm and a width of 32cm can be selected.
Kitchen sink
3, free choice of accessories - to ensure the quality of function
For the selection of kitchen sink accessories, it is necessary to ensure that the function and quality are broken. For example, the faucet should be as high-parabolic as possible, so that it does not get in the way when the pot is washed, and the soap dispenser is as high as possible, draining. The simpler the basket shape, the better the flat bottom, and because the drain basket area is limited, the flat bottom can borrow space from each other.
4, the location of the accessories - guarantee the full play
For the large single tank, its water outlet is placed in the central position as much as possible, so that the drain basket is placed on the right side of the water outlet, and the water outlet is not blocked, and the soap dispenser is placed in the upper left corner, which is convenient to use, and the small single-slot faucet And the soap dispenser is on two corners, the upper right corner is the soap dispenser on the upper left corner of the faucet.
How to clean the kitchen sink
1. Sprinkle salt on the unavoidable oil stains in the kitchen sink, then scrub with plastic wrap, and finally clean it with hot water. This will effectively clean up the aversive oil stains. In addition, the vinegar also has the function of sterilization and cleaning. Fill the water, then put a small cup of vinegar, then take the baking soda powder and water, and clean the steel ball, so that the sink will be completely new.
2, because we often wash dishes and dishes in the tank, there will be a lot of residue in the filter, for these substances should be put into the trash can, avoid sewer blockage, and regularly wash the filter and sewer with soapy water, Prevent odors.
Conclusion: The article is about the introduction of the kitchen sink selection skills, I believe that many users have a better understanding of the kitchen sink purchase skills.

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