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How to choose a kitchen sink? Five ways to buy kitchen sink

How to choose a kitchen sink? Five ways to buy kitchen sink
Issue Time:2019-08-28

Everyone's home cooking room has a sink, it is our good helper. A good kitchen quality sink is not only beautiful, stylish, but also very user-friendly, which can reduce the overhead of housework for the housewife. So how do you choose a kitchen sink? Now I will share with you the skills of purchasing the kitchen sink, and give you a reference!
kitchen sink
How to choose a kitchen sink 1:
When you choose the sink freely, you must first look at the material. The quality of the raw material directly requires the quality of the sink. Most of the sinks in the mall today are made of stainless steel. The commonly used stainless steel models are 304# stainless steel, 202# stainless steel, and 201# stainless steel. The biggest difference between these materials is the difference in corrosion resistance. 304 is the best, 202 is slightly worse. , 201 times, of course, the price gap is also great. Therefore, please be sure to consult the merchant when purchasing, and be careful. It is best to have a manufacturer's warranty book. Keep an eye out, in general, the sink of SUS304 is marked.
How to buy kitchen sink: 2:
Today, the technical level of stainless steel sinks has been greatly improved. According to the different process, we can divide it very easily into 1, pearl silver, 2, matte brushed surface, 3, mercerized surface, as shown in Figure 4. , polished four kinds of mirrors. Each of the above four processes has its own special points, among which the pearl silver surface is particularly popular. The process is to sandblast the surface first, and then chemically surface treatment. The surface is luxurious and long-lasting. The mercerized surface has become increasingly popular. The feature is the combination of the advantages of the brushed drawing process and the advantages of the polished mirror. The performance is meticulous and the mercerizing is satin.
kitchen sink
How to buy kitchen sink: 3:
At present, the structure of the sink in the mall is also different. Commonly used are single basin sinks, double basin sinks, three basin sinks and winged sinks. Everyone should make a free choice based on the size of the kitchen and the habits used. Xiao Bian pointed out that the double basin type is especially practical, generally it is a double basin of the mother and child, that is, a main basin plus an auxiliary basin body, the main basin is washed, and the auxiliary basin is used for the net bubble.

How to choose kitchen sink 4:
Many people often focus on the appearance of the product when purchasing the sink, while ignoring its essential functions. For example, the water removal device of the sink, you do not want to look down on this water removal device, it is a very critical part of the sink, the negative impact on the price of the sink is also very large, the price of a good all stainless steel water purifier is up to One hundred yuan, and some water separators contain automatic water-discharging devices, but the function is not necessarily a good thing. It is convenient to start, and there may be problems with long time!
How to choose kitchen sink 5:
In addition to paying attention to the above aspects, you should also check the thickness of the sink. In general, the thicker the thickness of the water tank, the less its quality and the difficulty in deformation. Because the sink has been edge treated, it is difficult to show the thickness at once. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink slightly. If it is pressed down, it means that the material is very thin. Of course, if you can borrow the vernier caliper and the spiral micrometer, you don't want to. It is so difficult.

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