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What are the advantages of stainless steel sinks?

What are the advantages of stainless steel sinks?
Issue Time:2019-08-20

When washing vegetables and washing dishes, the sink in the home needs to play its role. I believe many families will install the sink. In fact, the sink is used in many times, so the quality of the sink is very important. But now there are a lot of brands of sinks. Next, we recommend a high quality and low price product for everyone, that is stainless steel sink. In fact, the stainless steel sink is a stainless steel sink. So, what are the advantages of stainless steel sinks?

What are the advantages of stainless steel sinks?
1, the error is less than 0. 1mm flatness, beautiful and more durable. Flatness is the most intuitive standard for checking the quality and grade of sinks. Keep your line of sight in line with the sink surface and observe the surface. The stainless steel sink has an unparalleled smoothness. Excellent machining accuracy is pleasing to the eye and sturdy and durable.
2, narrow-edge design, beautiful anti-side leakage. The wide edge is prone to water seepage and fouling, and the effective volume of the basin is reduced. The narrow-edge design is more elegant and beautiful. The stainless steel narrow-side water tank strictly controls the edge to a height of <4mm and a width of <20mm, which makes the table surface smooth and can effectively prevent side leakage and increase the effective area of the basin.

3, the surface is mercerized, oil-proof and wear-resistant. The stainless steel sink surface is mercerized for a soft glow. Its function is like putting a protective coat on the sink, so that the sink is not stained with oil, resisting the impact, scratching and abrasion caused by the use, and it is often used. The soft luster adds elegance to the sink.
4, 180/200mm deep, especially suitable for European and American families. The height of the stainless steel sink is more than 180mm, which is completely tailored for European and American families, and has the advantages of splash-proof water and large washing capacity.
5, excellent anti-sound system, create a quiet home environment. Many people worry that the water will hit the stainless steel and it will make a lot of noise. Don't worry. The stainless steel sink series uses anti-sound mats to truly prevent sound, prevent the sound of water flowing into the sink, and affect the rest of the family, adding a quiet and serene life.
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