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How to install the sink under the kitchen sink

How to install the sink under the kitchen sink
Issue Time:2019-08-01
For kitchens with frequent water use, the installation of the sink inside the kitchen is essential, and if the location and installation method of the sink is incorrect, it will affect the water usage of the entire kitchen. So how to install the sink under the kitchen counter? Presumably many owners are full of doubts. For this reason, the installation method of the sink under the kitchen sink and the sink basin can be introduced in a few years. Let's take a look at how the sink is installed.granite composite kitchen sink
granite composite kitchen sink
First, the kitchen sink under the sink installation method
1, install the faucet
First install the faucet on the underside of the sink basin. When installing the faucet, not only the installation is required, but also the joint can not overflow, which is an important point for installing the faucet.
2, place the sink
After installing some of the functional accessories of the sink, you can place the sink under the basin in the original design position. After the sink is installed, you can prepare to start the next installation procedure.
3, install the sink
The third step is the most important step in the installation of the kitchen sink under counter basin, and the final step – installing the sink. That is, first connect the end of the inlet pipe on the pre-installed faucet to the water inlet switch. The installation requires the firmness of the inlet pipe, and the position of the hot and cold water pipes should not be confused. Then install the down pipe of the overflow hole, and pay attention to the sealing of the joint with other sinks when installing. It is then installed through the filter basket and the overall drain.

Second, the sink basin can be used for several years
How long the sink basin can be used, depending on how it is used during maintenance, the age of use will vary, and the average household is used for 15 to 20 years. However, because the kitchen sink is installed under the countertop, the joint between the basin and the countertop is more likely to be contaminated, requiring regular maintenance and cleaning. If it is not properly maintained, the time of use is generally about 10 to 15 years. The specific use time should be based on the frequency and maintenance method of the family.
Third, how to change the kitchen under counter basin
1, design support bracket
Generally, the materials of the under counter basin are relatively bulky. Most of them are quartz stone. If damage occurs, the first need to be supported by the bracket. The replaced under counter basin needs to be re-customized. Generally, the bracket and the wall must be fixed. Then place the under counter basin on the bracket.
2, countertop punching
After designing the support bracket of the undercounter basin, it is necessary to punch the countertop. Generally, the size of the punching hole is polished according to the requirements of the manual. When grinding the countertop hole, it needs to be finely polished. It is more sharp and then fully sleek in the later stage. If there is damage, it is recommended to use glue to paste.
granite composite kitchen sink
3, under the stone punching
After the face is finished, you need to punch the lower stone. Generally, if the stone is not damaged, you can not replace it. If it is damaged, you need to find the stone that is repelled with the stone material of the countertop. Then, polish it according to the instructions. That's it.
4, replace the under counter basin
After handling the above steps, you can connect the under counter basin and the countertop. Use the slate to cover the sink from the bottom to the top, and then fasten it between the bottom of the countertop and the understand basin bracket. It is recommended to use the marble glue to set the countertop. The lower basin and the countertop are firmly attached together to complete the whole process of damage and replacement of the undercounter basin.

The above is about the installation method of the sink under the kitchen counter. The sink basin can be used for several years, I hope it will help everyone!

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