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7 simple and effective kitchen sinks blocked how to do the solution

7 simple and effective kitchen sinks blocked how to do the solution
Issue Time:2019-07-26
As we all know, the kitchen sink is usually small, the kitchen sink drain is small, washing vegetables, washing dishes, some leftovers and debris, and debris accumulation can easily cause the sink to clog. How to easily solve the problem of kitchen sink blockage? I believe that these problems are plaguing people, don't worry, let me introduce you to the seven simple and effective kitchen sinks, how to solve the solution, let's take a look, I hope to have a role for everyone.
Kitchen sink blockage

1. The sink pipe is small, and there are many elbows.

2, off the chopsticks and other things that are easy to block in the pipeline

3. When the house is decorated, the cement or slag is lost.

4, the pipeline has been used for a long time, the oil on the inner edge of the pipeline will be blocked.

A good way to clog the kitchen sink

Good way one: boil water into the sink to handle oily blockage

Because the most blocked water is caused by the fat hanging on the pipe, the treatment method is to burn a pot of boiling water into the sink and add some cold water to make the water temperature about 60-70 degrees, if the water heater

It is better to handle the connection with the kitchen. The hot water will continue to be pumped for 2-3 minutes in the summer and the winter time will be longer. After a complete blockage, it will take a little trouble. Don’t open the water and water.

Bend or dust cup, because the sealing pad is broken or the device is not good.

Good way two: the water pulls the sucking debris to handle the sink blockage

The time of water extraction must ensure that the bottom of the water extract is sealed by water. Water acts to seal the air. Put the water puller over the drain and push down the air in the drain

And water, if you pull up, there will be a negative pressure that will bring things out or loose. At the same time, it is compatible with the water flow. Generally, if there are many sundries, it will take a few more times to pass.

Good way three: wire through the U-shaped sink to handle the sink blockage

Generally, most of the places where the water pipes in the kitchen are blocked are U-bends. If it is a down pipe with a drain screw, it is easy to do it, and it is directly unscrewed, but it is better to do it before processing.

Underlay a sump to avoid soiling the cabinet. After unscrewing, use a wire to open both sides and generally handle it quickly. If you haven’t dealt with it yet, you can put all the water pipes down.

Remove, all the plastic connectors are unscrewed, rinsed clean, remove the impurities inside and then assemble them in turn, no more than half an hour will be fixed.
Kitchen sink blockage
Good way three: wire hooked out impurities to handle the sink block

So what if the downpipe without the drain screw is blocked? Some friends like to use a wooden stick. This is definitely a big mistake, not only will not deal with the problem, but also

The more you grow, the stronger you are. If it is a straight down pipe, we can bend the front of the wire into a small hook, then remove the water purifier and use the wire to hook the impurities out. If there is no solution yet

First, put more than half of the water in the sink, then put a group of rags into a ball, press the rag in the water under the sink with both hands in the water, press the same up and down like artificial respiration, generally

Small problems can be solved, of course, can also be treated with leather tweezers.

Good way five: hand-cranked pipe dredger to handle the sink blockage

If the blockage is more robust, then we can use the pipe dredger to clear the pipe. The method is to first turn the anti-rotation screw counterclockwise, then pull the spring

Put it out into the lower water pipe, always push the obstacle to the top, then pull out the spring about 10 cm, tighten the screw, select the handle, and apply pressure. When it is completely gone, loosen it.

Screw the screw and pull out the 10 cm spring again... This way, repeatedly move until you feel the rolling handle is easy, indicating that it has passed through the blockage and then slowly pulled up.

It can be processed. Generally, the sink pipe or the toilet pipe can be handled in this way.

Good way six: rubber pipe irrigation water treatment tank blockage

Prepare a rubber tube, not too long, as long as it can connect the tap water tap and the sewer pipe. Insert one end of the tube into the drain pipe and use a worn rag or towel around it.

Plug tightly, fix another section of the water pipe to the tap water pipe, then open the water head to the maximum, and rush for two or three minutes, the sewer pipe can be dredged.

Good way seven: ask professionals to handle the sink blockage

If the above methods do not achieve results, it means that the kitchen sink is more serious, it is better to ask the professionals to handle it.

The above is the introduction of the kitchen sink leaking, the kitchen sink is blocked, I hope that through the above introduction, we can help everyone eliminate the trouble.

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