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What is the price of stainless steel kitchen sink? Which is the right kitchen sink?

What is the price of stainless steel kitchen sink? Which is the right kitchen sink?
Issue Time:2019-07-16
The sink is one of the main kitchen utensils for cleaning kitchens and fruits and vegetables in the modern kitchen. The stainless steel sink is not only easy to rust, durable and corrosion resistant, so it is very popular among the public. It is an ideal sink material. At present, the price of stainless steel sinks on the market is very different. So, what is the price of stainless steel sinks? We together look.

First, the price of stainless steel sink

The price is a topic of concern to consumers. The price of the same product is related to different brands, materials, models and other factors. In general, the single-slot with a lower price in the market is about $10, the double-slot is about $50, and the three-slot is around $80. The medium-priced single-slot is about $60, and the double-slot is at $80. Left and right, the three slots are around $100; while the first-line brand single-slot price is around 70~80 dollars, the double slot is about 100 dollars, and the three slots can reach more than 200 dollars.

Second, stainless steel sink size

There are three types of commonly used stainless steel sinks, which are single-slot, double-slot and three-slot. The price difference between the models is also relatively large. Normally, the stainless steel sink has a single groove size of 60 * 45 cm and 50 * 40 cm; It is 81 × 47 cm and 88 × 48 cm; three slots are 97 × 48 cm, 103 * 50 cm.

Third, how to choose stainless steel sink
stainless steel sink
1, sink width

To be determined by the width of the countertop surface, in normal terms, the width of the sink is calculated by subtracting 10-15 cm from the width of the countertop.

2, material

When buying a stainless steel sink, pay attention to check the thickness of the material, try to choose a moderate thickness, because the thicker tank is likely to cause damage to the washed dishes. The thinner tank will affect the strength and service life of the sink in the future. It is also very important whether the stainless steel surface is flat. If the unevenness proves that the quality is poor, it is not suitable for purchase.

3, volume

In general, choose a larger tank as much as possible, and better clean the tableware. The depth is as high as 18 cm, which can prevent splashing when washing.

As shown in Figure 4, observe how the surface of the sink is treated. Try to choose a matt surface sink that is more beautiful and practical, especially when carefully observed at the weld. The weld should be flat and even, smooth and free of rust.

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