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What is the best undermount single bowl granite or composite kitchen sink

What is the best undermount single bowl granite or composite kitchen sink
Issue Time:2019-06-17

Granite may no longer be kitchen trend aficionados’ go-to choice for kitchen countertops, but granite sinks are nowhere near obsolete! These sinks are composed of a carefully curated blend of natural stone and resin to stand up to heavy use and look fabulous doing it.

Granite and granite composite kitchen sinks are incredibly hardwearing and sturdy, a must in the kitchen fixture that is used most often.

What is a granite sink?
A beautiful, durable, and reasonably priced sink option – and one that complements most countertop materials – is granite composite  Granite composite, typically made of 80% granite mixed with 20% acrylic resin, looks and feels like natural stone (except more uniform) at a much more affordable cost.

Granite composite is available in dozens of shapes, sizes, configurations, colors, and matte finishes to enhance every kitchen imaginable.

Pure natural granite sinks are rare and correspondingly expensive; you’ll typically have to choose a sink just like you choose a slab for counters. There are very few commercially-produced pure granite sinks; the vast majority of granite sinks marketed are actually granite composite or quartz composite (which is essentially the same material). There are some exceptions – including natural granite sinks by Centry, each of which is unique – but most of the time, sinks referred to as “granite sinks” are composite rather than natural.

Pros and cons of natural granite sinks

Durable, long-lasting, and hardwearing
Every piece is unique
Resistant to heat, scratching, and stains (when sealed properly)
May be made of counter material for a seamless appearance
May be chiseled, carved, sculpted, or smooth

May be expensive, depending on stone
Very heavy; requires extra installation costs and support systems
May chip
Requires annual sealing (a simple process)

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