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How to install the kitchen granite sink:

How to install the kitchen granite sink:
Issue Time:2019-05-29

The installation of the kitchen granite sink looks simple, but if the previous installation neglects, the dirt, rust, water leakage, etc. on the edge of the kitchen granite sink will cause trouble for later use. So how is the kitchen granite sink installed? What kind of kitchen granite sink material is it? Let's take a look at it?
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How to install the kitchen granite sink:

1. Reserve the location of the kitchen granite sink

Although the installation of the kitchen granite sink needs to be renovated in the kitchen, the size and location of the kitchen granite sink should be planned in advance to avoid rework and delay the construction period.

2, the kitchen granite sink is placed in the countertop

Install the faucet and inlet pipe before placing the kitchen granite countertop. Pay attention to the seal between the kitchen granite sink and the countertop. There must be no gaps, etc. Otherwise, it will leak and accumulate dirt in the later stage, which is difficult to clean.

3, sealed filter and overflow hole

Below the installation faucet is an overflow hole. In order to prevent the water inside the granite sink of the kitchen from overflowing the countertop, the filter under the granite sink of the kitchen is used to prevent the residue from clogging the pipeline. It must be sealed during installation, otherwise it will be easy to seep. Into the cabinet, causing the cabinet to mold.

4, test water and edge banding

Finally, after installing the kitchen granite sink hangs, you can start testing the water. After filling the water, look at the drainage situation, whether there is water seepage, etc. If there is no problem, you can use silicone seal.
kitchen granite sink

Kitchen granite sink material which is good:

1. Artificial stone kitchen granite sink

Artificial stone is usually used for countertops of cabinets, but because of its rich colors, it can be used with a variety of styles of cabinets. In order to maintain the integration with the cabinets, artificial granite is also used in the kitchen granite sinks. Artificial stone kitchen granite sinks are more cumbersome. Avoid scratching hard objects such as knives during use. Always pay attention to cleaning. Otherwise, it will not be easy to clean up after a long time.
kitchen granite sink
2, ceramic kitchen granite sink

The ceramic kitchen granite sink is made of one-piece molding. It is mainly white, with high temperature resistance, easy cleaning and aging resistance. It is easy to clean everyday. However, because it cannot collide with hard objects and the weight is heavy, it is recommended to pay attention to the support force of the counter and the countertop when purchasing.

3, stainless steel kitchen granite sink

The stainless steel kitchen granite sink is the most widely used material, not only lightweight but also resistant to acid and alkali, and has a long service life. Not easily damaged by scratches, can be made into different styles, suitable for any kitchen countertop. It is a very cost-effective material.

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