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Kitchen sink installation method and kitchen sink installation precautions

Kitchen sink installation method and kitchen sink installation precautions
Issue Time:2019-05-15
The sink is indispensable in our lives, especially in the kitchen. The sink plays an important role. Therefore, the installation of the sink is very important. Do you know about the installation method of the sink? So what Centry wants to share today is How to install the kitchen sink and what to pay attention to when installing the kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink installation method

Sink installation method

1. The sink has a variety of shapes. When designing, you need to reserve the position of the sink. When purchasing the sink, you need to first take a floor plan design of the sink. If there is no floor plan of the sink, you need Learn about the specific dimensions and specifications of the sink.

2. Install the faucet and water inlet pipe in advance at the reserved sink position to ensure normal use after the sink is installed.

3. Put the water tank into the reserved water tank, install the supporting hanging piece between the table top and the water tank to ensure that the water tank is installed firmly, and then carefully check to check whether the joint between the water tank and the table top and the water pipe is tight.

Sink installation

4. The installation of the hanging piece is the last step in the installation of the sink. The installer will select the corresponding hanging piece according to the spacing between the sink and the table to prevent the tank from shaking and water leakage.

5. After all the installation is completed, it is necessary to test the water tank. First, fill the water tank with water to check whether there is water leakage. Check whether the drainage process is smooth, whether there is water leakage or water seepage, and finally use silica gel. The edge of the sink ensures that the gap between the sink and the countertop is uniform.

Kitchen sink installation method

What are the precautions for installing the sink?

1. Before installing the faucet, completely drain the debris in the water pipe to prevent the debris from entering the faucet and damaging the valve core and other seals, which may cause water blockage.

2. The water temperature of the faucet should not be greater than 90 degrees Celsius. In order to avoid damage to the surface of the faucet during the installation of the faucet, the faucet sleeve or faucet plastic bag should be placed on the faucet to install the faucet.

Sink installation

3. When installing, the position of the table to be left should match the volume of the sink. After the table is placed, it is necessary to install a matching hanging piece between the tank and the table.

4. When installing the bellows and braided tube, be sure to pay attention to the tightening force. If the force is too large, the thread will be damaged. If the force is too small, it may leak due to insufficient sealing.

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