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Granite Sink: how to choose a good kitchen sink?

Granite Sink: how to choose a good kitchen sink?
Issue Time:2019-05-15

When it comes to food processing and kitchen cleaning, you have to mention the equipment at the core – the sink. Choose a good sink to increase kitchen efficiency by 50%! So, how to choose a good kitchen sink?

First, cleaning is easier

If you want to make the kitchen hygiene easier, then cleaning the sink without kitchen cleaning can be a burden. Choosing easy-to-clean materials and simplifying complex designs make the cleaning of the sink easier and the home life easier.

1, inline installation

The biggest advantage of in-line installation is that it can easily wipe the water splashed on the countertop back into the sink, which is quick and clean.

2, matt surface layer

The matte finish that has been treated with soft silk, brushed, and sandblasted is not easy to adhere to oily water stains, and no need to scrub with steel balls.

3, integrated design

The integrated design of the sink and countertop allows for zero leakage at the seams, thus extending service life.

Second, the countertop is more efficient

With limited counter space, the "big" sink becomes awkward and the efficiency of the upgrade depends on clever design. For example, a single basin is more practical than a double basin; the hidden design allows the sink area to change into a cooking area and so on.

1, simple single basin

Imagine that if the sink is not fully accommodated when cleaning the pot, it will cost a lot.

2, corner design

The corners of the cabinets have been tagged with chicken ribs, and the triangular corner basin perfectly solves this problem.

Third, the use of more flexible

In addition to the "bowl" itself, the sink area can be combined with other components. The matching size of the cutting board, drain rack and storage tray are excellent combinations, which can make the sink more flexible and changeable.

1. Built-in garbage tank?

The waste generated during the cleaning process can be directly placed in the built-in garbage tank, and it is even more powerful when picking up vegetables.

2, comprehensive processing station

After the fruits and vegetables are cleaned, take the matching chopping boards and insert them into the edge of the sink to make it easy to prepare meals. There are also special slots for kitchen knives to increase the safety factor of the kitchen.

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