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Three ways of kitchen sinks Which one do you like best?

Three ways of kitchen sinks Which one do you like best?
Issue Time:2019-05-09

The sink is an important part of the kitchen. According to statistics, the use of sinks in kitchen supplies is the lowest. The preparation and cleaning work before and after meals are all related to it. It seems that the installation of the sink is also sloppy.

At present, there are mainly three installation methods, namely, the above counter basin, the under counter basin and the countertop are embedded.

As the name suggests, the basin is installed on the counter top. Most household sinks use the above counter basin. The default installation method for the cabinet is also the above counter basin. The diameter of the counter basin is much larger than the countertop. The size of the opening is to place the sink directly on the table, and the glass glue is placed on the joint between the sink and the countertop. The project is convenient. If it is broken, remove the glass glue and take it directly from the top of the table.

The installation of the above-ground basin type is relatively simple, just open the hole in the expected position of the counter according to the installation drawing, then place the basin in the hole, fill the gap with glass glue, and the water on the table will not follow the gap. Downstream, so it is used more in the family.

The Taichung basin is also called flat-embedded type. It is to polish the countertop of the cabinet according to the size of the installation side of the sink, and to make the sink and the countertop a flat surface. This installation method is beautiful, and the sink and the counter top are level, clean. Hygiene is very convenient, and many people like this installation.

This type of kitchen sink uses a flat basin installation method to achieve seamless installation of the sink and countertop. The edge of the flat sink makes it easy to wipe water droplets and other stains into the sink. No stains will remain in the gap between the sink and the countertop, which is safe and hygienic. Because of the seamless installation of the sink and countertop, it has a lot of space to use. The sink is perfectly matched to the countertop and has a beautiful shape.

The undercounter basin is the sink installed under the countertop, and the inner edge of the sink is the same as the size of the hole in the countertop. The sink and the table are bonded together with an adhesive. This type of kitchen sink is installed with an under counter basin installation method. The sink is installed under the countertop and has a large space for use. The countertop is easier to clean. However, the joint between the basin and the countertop is more likely to be contaminated, and it must be repaired and cleaned regularly. Very few families today use this type of installation.

The above three ways of kitchen sinks Which one do you like the most? The introduction of the content is over here, I hope to help friends in need, if you want to know more about decoration, you can continue to pay attention to us.
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