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Kitchen decoration, choose stainless steel sink or granite sink?

Kitchen decoration, choose stainless steel sink or granite sink?
Issue Time:2019-05-08
This is your own attention, after all, the situation is the clearest

1, durability. High quality composite granite sinks are formed under high pressure, making them non-porous, hygienic, heat resistant, stains, scratches and chips. In addition, unlike natural granite, composite granite sink surfaces do not require sealing.
2, variety. You'll find a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, decorations and color choices to match your countertop. White, black, and brown are still the most popular color choices.     

3, consistency. A natural granite stone sink features natural variations of stone. A composite granite sink that features a uniform color throughout the material.
4, cost. Composite granite sinks generally cost less than natural granite sinks.
1, durability. Harsh chemicals can damage the composite granite sink, so clean the surface as recommended by the manufacturer. Some composite granite sinks can be damaged by heating, causing the melted resin to smash and the material not to be scratched. Check the manufacturer's warranty and select a product that is designed for high heat resistance.

2, hardness. Although some sink materials are more tolerant, composite granite is hard enough.
3, the color is even, if you want the appearance of the granite tunnel, the composite granite sink is evenly patterned and color, and there are no characteristic changes, such as natural granite.
4. Cost, composite granite sinks are more expensive than stainless steel and porcelain.
After the decoration, remember to treat indoor air formaldehyde. Generally, it takes three months to ventilate. If you put some nano-natural silicon in your home, the effect of removing formaldehyde is 5 times better than that of activated carbon. You can stay in a month or so. On the Internet, it is also a good choice to plant some plants such as spider plants at home. It is best to do a formaldehyde test before you stay, so that your family can be assured.
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